Jade Group renovation process goes through 8 main steps:

PIP (Property Improvement Plan) Review and Site Evaluation

During this step our pre construction team is heavily involved in analyzing the PIP scope and looking for major issues. In this step the team will probably arrange a site visit to explore scope items and site conditions.


Jade will suggest destructive testing or X-Ray areas that might have plumbing , electrical or mechanical conflicts. This step will save both time and money in the course of the renovation process as issues are detected early on and changes are not costly.

Jade will communicate any construction conflicts with Architect and designer of record will also offer solutions to any potential problems


Jade will provide a detailed proposal for each line item with all inclusions and exclusions . The bid will then be reviewed with ownership team and value engineering options will be discussed to meet budget

Mock-up Rooms

Jade will price and renovate mock up rooms. This is an important step to visualize all design choices and further resolve any design conflicts. Jade will suggest at least two mock up rooms renovation. Most brands do require this step and it does help owners see the final product.

Procurement Coordination

Jade will initiate the communication with the owner procurement team . All GC supplied material items will be listed on an expedited report showing PO numbers, suppliers and ETA’s. At this stage the logistics will be set up from shipping to warehousing ( whether on site or with 3PL ).


Jade will provide a detailed Gantt chart schedule showing rooms out of service at all times during the construction period through completion. Schedules will be adjusted with ownership approval should any material delivery dates change..

Renovation / Construction Stage

Jade will take rooms out of service as delineated in the construction schedule . All rooms will be punched with owner representative and delivered according to each phase of schedule . Jade will communicate with hotel Management team on current progress daily while exploring occupancy projection and the potential of expediting schedule.

Final Delivery and Close Out Documents

Jade will prepare all construction close out documents including material warranties, manuals and maintenance kits and all related information package. All final subcontractor lien releases will be provided at this final stage